Claims Auditing

Halogen Claims auditing services

As an organisation you have probably spent hours of resource defining processes and procedures to ensure that they meet your operational and regulatory requirements.

How much time then do you spend ensuring that the claims handlers are adhering to those processes and procedures?

How much time and resource have you spent setting up outsourced operations with organisations who have promised you perfection but where you have no time to truly validate their activities?

Having your own staff validate the activity of their colleagues and external providers can be beneficial to your organisation in terms of relationships but Halogen can offer an unbiased and independent view of the activity. 

Halogen provides a range of auditing products, all of which can be tailored to meet your requirements.

We believe that doing something because you "always have" leads to stagnation and only by regularly examining your operation can you identify change for the better 

General Claims Audit

Using your own processes and procedures as a point of reference, Halogen will forensically examine a sample of claim files to assess adherence to the processes. Based upon the results Halogen will suggest adaptations or improvements to the processes for your consideration and can assist with implementation of change if required.

Consider the time and resource spent having your own senior staff carry out these audits.? Is it the best use of their time? 

Reserving Audit

Having the correct case file reserve is a crucial part of the handlers' role and even in a world dominated by factor reserving, it is important to have some idea of the likely outcome of the cases. Halogen can review your factor reserving strategy and provide an insight into your case by case reserving activity. 

How often do you see incremental reserve increases in the life of a file when the true picture was known at a much earlier stage? 

Claims Leakage

Calculate 10% of your claims spend. That's how much you could be wasting!

Halogen has developed a simple and unique leakage spreadsheet based product which not only measures the extent of your leakage but identifies the specific reasons behind that leakage. Having carried out leakage reviews for a number of claims organisations, Halogen can provide you with a comparative benchmark of your results against your peers. Done regularly, this can help you identify areas for process improvement or technical training requirements.

Supplier Audits

Outsourcing any part of your claims function comes with a risk. Carrying out due diligence prior to engaging a supplier is vital and more importantly ensuring that they continue to meet the agreed standards is key for you and your customers. Halogen can give an independent view of the supplier on an ongoing basis. This can include FNOL providers, Delegated Claims Handling Organisations, Motor Engineers and Solicitors. 

Halogen can provide audits on most insurance products including Motor, Household, Employer's Liability and Public Liability. See also our page on compliance auditing.

If you require more information or wish to discuss the available options please get in touch via our contact page.